Thursday, January 10, 2008

Film Lesson: Doctor Zhivago

The film Doctor Zhivago depicted the Russian Revolution because it showed how the Russians were trying to stand up for what they believe in by going against their leaders. In the opening scene of the film we see a large group of people marching in the streets towards czar Nicholas II's palace in Petrograd also known as St. Petersburg. These people were angry workers who wanted better working conditions and equality. The workers were being taken advantage of. As a result of the riots and demonstrations Nicholas II's general/guard ordered soldiers to make the crowd go away. Some of the people did not leave peacefully or quickly enough for the soldiers so they started attacking the crowd. That scene depicted an event called "Bloody Sunday". When Doctor Zhivago returned home from the war to Moscow he found out that he was sharing his house and some of his belongings with many other families. This is an example of communism because in a communist country no one owns anything because everything is shared.

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